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eXPANDED METAL - Micro Mesh:

Expanded metals are being put to new uses in highly technical products. We are developing smaller and more perfect patterns to meet the demands of industry for tighter and more precise specifications for diamond pattern, thickness, hole size and workability.

Micromesh provides superior heat transfer characteristics. It can be made acoustically neutral for applications such as dent guards in audio speakers. It can be flattened to reduce thickness and provide a smoother surface; made non-nesting to allow wrapping on itself without losing air flow capability; annealed for improved formability; and coated with either metallic or organic compounds.

Micromesh is manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum.

EXPANDED METAL - Micro Mesh Technical Info

Commom Micromesh Patterns
055" x .105" .090" x .165"
.070" x .105" .095" x .187"
.070" x .150" .145" x .295"
.085" x .142" .167" x .295"
Micromesh Parameters
Diamond Size Short Way of Diamond (SWD) .005" to .118"
Long Way of Diamond (LWD) .039" to .236"
Strand Width .005" to .079"
Base Metal
Carbon Steel .010" to .039"
- Stainless Steel .010" to .024"
- Aluminum .010" to .039"
Material Sizes Blanks or coils maximum 30" wide (LWD)

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