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Products Application:
Products Application:
Drain Cover:
Uses bonding steel grating plate design and manufacturing, which has been widely used in Europe and America, Japan, Australia etc. In China, Senhoo raceway cap has been widely used in municipal administration, botanical garden, parking lot, factory, road, wharf and airport and so on domains.

product characteristic:
  ◆ Contour artistic: Simple and direct line, silver semblance, modern thought
  ◆ Best draining water: The water leakage area reaches 83.3%, is two times of cast iron.
  ◆ Hot dip zinc: anti-rust strength strong, 30 years exempt maintenance and exempt replacement.
  ◆ protection design: the cap and the frame are joined by gemel, security, safe, openning convenient
  ◆ Save investment: great span, heavy load, the price is lower than the cast iron; And can save the expense that change cast iron cap when it is robbed or broken.
  ◆High strength: The intensity and toughness are higher than the cast iron, can use in wharf, airport and so on great span and heavy load environment.
  ◆Multitudinous variety: Satisfies different environment, load, span and shape; can manufacture according to the customer’s dimension and sharp.

load blank:
pressure:light model:25T/m2
      heavy model:70T/m2
      overweight model:140T/m2
Suitable:Light car, campus, house garden, park, underground parking garage, kitchen and so on.
Heavy model: 20 tons below automobiles passing factory districts, ordinary road, backbone road, parking lot, street and so on.
Overweight model: heavy trailer, container fork and crane, airplane and so on backbone road, large scale parking lot, mine, wharf and airport and so on.
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